Finest Philadelphia Cafe Web Design

This was a personal project from FakeClients daily brief email subscription. The page was designed in Adobe Illustrator.


I’m Kai, founder of The Finest Philadelphia Cafe. For a while now, we’ve been looking for a good website for our Cafe. We need a webshop product-page design. We would love to work with you!”

New York Coffeehouse

Product page design for FakeClients brief.


I’m Shonna, I just founded a new business called New York Coffeehouse. We are looking for someone that can design a professional website for our Coffeehouse. We need a webshop product-page design. Can you do that?”

Tri-C Visual Communication Portfolio

This site was developed in WordPress. The students of the Spring 2023 Service Learning course developed a WordPress site for the Cuyahoga Community College Visual Communication department. I designed and developed the Students page. I also designed the single student’s profile page. The website is called

Students page with a grid layout of students

Highland Heights Green Task Force

My web publishing – CSS course in Spring 2022 assisted in the development of the website for the Highland Heights Green Task Force. My part was adding CSS to the 3 images on the home page, the design of the slider at the bottom of the home page, and design ideas for a few of the icons on the live green page. I also wrote the articles about zero waste. This website is built in WordPress.

Lucky Star Jewelry

A mock online jewelry store I designed for my final project.

Mobile Beauty Services LLC

Mobile Beauty Services LLC is a small business of a professional cosmetologist and makeup artist, named Rebecca, who has a team of beauty subcontractors who assist with events. The website went through a few branding changes and website changes within that past year. The website is designed in Wix website builder. I was in charge of updating and designing the website.

Nightsweats & T-Cells

I designed the website for Nightsweats & T-Cells. The founder Gil Kudrin wanted the website to be clean, simple, and easy to read and navigate. He wanted the website to be accessible to people with vision disabilities. This website layout and CSS features are designed in Squarespace.

Conserve the Blue Web Design

Web About

Conserve the Blue (imaginary site) was created in Adobe XD and the logo was made in Illustrator. Images are sourced from Pexels and Unsplash. The text was generated using ChatGPT.

Web About
Web Get Involved
Web Challenges